Sunday, April 11, 2010

To the Traditional Jewish Community - Who we seek to be


We have been working on a statement to address our beliefs to the tradition community.  Below is the result, let us know if it sets the proper tone.


To The Traditional Jewish Community

Our purpose is:
to call assimilated Jews back to their Torah, Community, and Culture
to restore non-Jews to a correct Scriptural understanding & practice

We strive to function as part of the Community and work with both Rabbi’s and other Jewish groups to present a valid Jewish expression and worship.

To that end, we:
  • believe the Torah is G-d’s expression of how we are to live
  • practice as a Synagogue using traditional liturgy
  • believe the percepts of Oral Torah were given by Ha’Shem to Moshe and seek wisdom and understanding from the Talmud and later Jewish writings
  • follow Halacha as expressed in the Shulkan Aruch
  • honor the teachings of the Rabbi’s and Sages
  • provide instruction in lifestyle including kosher, ritual immersion (mikvah) and other Jewish practices
  • keep the appointed Holy days and feasts of Israel
  • seek to be part of the greater Jewish Community
  • agree with the 13 principles of the Rambam

We realize some Jews accept us, and many do not. This is understandable and we trust in Ha’Shem to allow reconciliation.

As a Synagogue we:
  • are not part of any Church affiliation, nor do we receive any funds from Christians groups
  • are not in any way affiliated with or support ‘Jews for Jesus’ and do not agree with their methods
  • do not adhere to the Nicene Creed and do not teach the Trinity.
  • do not believe that Yeshua is equal to G-d; but is he is the Shekinah of G-d sent to earth to call Jews back to Torah
  • do not believe that Yeshua taught against Torah or desired Jews to renounce Judaism and become Christians
  • do not engage in evangelism, nor do we encourage Jews to turn from Judaism

To believe that Yeshua renounced Torah and taught others to do so is contrary to Ha’Shem’s word and would automatically make him a heretic and eliminate any Messianic claim he would have.

Our position on Non-Jewish members:
  • they are G-d Fearers who strive to live Torah observant lifestyles
  • we follow Conservative Halacha regarding conversion for those desiring to become B’nei Israel including: extensive preparation, circumcision, mikvah, and Beit Din

Our organization provides many levels of Jewish education including Bar / Bat Mitzvah, Torah School, and Yeshiva. We also adhere to belief that only Jews who are Yeshiva trained should use the title Rabbi.

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