Sunday, April 11, 2010

CMJ (Conservative Messianic Judaism) Principles of Faith


Here is our rendering of the CMJ Principles of Faith:
1. I believe in the 13 principles of Faith as stated by RAMBAM
2. I believe Yeshua Ha'Nazaret is the Messiah of Israel.
3. I believe Yeshua was filled by Adonai with His Shekinah (visible presence of G-d) and was totally subservient to Adonai in all things.
4. I believe Yeshua came to keep Torah and to rightly interpret Torah.
5. I believe Yeshua came to call Israel to do T'Shuvah (come back to Adonai and His Torah).
6. I believe Yeshua led a righteous life as a prophet of Israel.
7. I believe Yeshua died on the execution stake at the hand of the Romans.
8. I believe His death (similar to Isaac's bindings) reconciled us to Elohim and undid the seed of rebellion sowed by our forefather Adam (the righteous dying in place of the unrighteous).
9. I believe Yeshua was physically resurrected on the third day by Adonai to openly show that His death had reconciled Israel to Adonai.
10. I believe Yeshua is the Son of Man picture in Dani'el 7:13, whom Adonai gave all power and Authority.
11. I believe Yeshua will return physically to earth as the promised King of Israel.
12. I believe He will defeat all of Israel's enemies, usher in the Kingdom of Elohim, and rule by Adonai's will from Jerusalem as the descendant of David.
13. I believe that all of B'nai Israel will be redeemed.

Your thoughts?

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